Two Gun Tactical Price: $250.00

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Firearm handling, speed and close defensive application is the crux of this confidence building course. Improve and reinforce your reactive shooting skills through an array of practical situational applications. Techniques taught in this course will augment your overall firearm handling and weapon deployment skills, greatly improving your state of lethal force readiness. Topics & courses of fire involve tactical applications, alternate shooting positions, use of cover, speed & precision, moving targets and other challenging shooting scenarios. Expect to get into the mud or dust during this rain or shine class.

-Quality semi-auto handgun & rifle 
-Quality holster & sling 
-Magazines (3) pistol (2) rifle 
-250 Rounds rifle & Pistol ammunition 
-Eye & ear Protection 
-Outdoor Wear 

Nonrefundable/ Nontransferable - Course fee includes catered lunch
Class Size: 24


Age: 21 years old

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