Advanced Concealed Carry Level 4 Price: $99.00

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Building upon handgun skills attained in the levels 1-3, this 4-hour course instructs in adverse light conditions and how to properly utilize a flashlight during a lethal self-defense situation. Topics of instruction include flashlight use considerations, tactical principles of light, realistic low light/no light scenarios, simultaneous weapon/light deployment, engaging multiple threats, and shoot-no shoot decision making.

Concealment garment
Quality Handgun with Holster (We recommend using the handgun you plan to carry)
Tactical flashlight
Firearm-rated belt
150 rounds of target ammunition
3 Magazines and Magazine holster
Eye & Ear protection 
Range appropriate apparel

Class Size: 12


Age: 16 years old

Has completed Advanced Concealed Carry Level 1

Has completed Advanced Concealed Carry Level 2

Has completed Advanced Concealed Carry Level 3

Concealed Pistol License

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