Tactical Shotgun Price: $150.00

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The skills taught in this course provide a foundation to achieve a high degree of competency including manipulation, progressive/speed loading, malfunction clearing and reactionary threat engagement. Target engagements will occur in close-quarter and intermediate distances and will progress in complexity. Shooting from standing, kneeling, prone, behind cover, multiple threats, movement, and weapons transition are included during intensive skill development drills. 

-Quality pump or semi-auto shotgun 
-100 birdshot, 20 buckshot, 20 slugs 
-Sling & shell carrier (optional) 
-Ear & eye protection 
-Handgun with quality holster 
-50rds handgun ammunition 
-Outdoor Wear 
-Concealed Pistol License 
Class Size: 24


Age: 21 years old

Available Sessions